The use of artificial intelligence in industry is very promising and holds out the prospect of significant improvements in production processes in many places. However, currently many AI projects fail after the first phase of implementation. Only about 15% of the projects launched are actually implemented or actually generate added value in the company (ROI). One major reason is that decisions and recommendation of AI systems are not transparent to the user.

Even if high-qualiy AI models can be created, business experts often find it difficult to trust the decisions made by the models as long as they have no insight into the process of decision making. As a result, the models are often not used in practice. Instead, experts prefer to rely on proven experience-based strategies, even if it has been shown that the efficiency of the models is far superior to these in the majority of all cases.

The EXPLAIN consortium has the goal of generating a complete AI lifecycle for Industry 4.0 that is not only interactive but also explainable and transparent at every step in the life-cycle. A key point is to involve subject matter experts and users in the process for all future developments of AI systems and platforms.

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